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Anonymity is the goal, especially for ex-prisoners. Their dues have been paid, yet they remain onymous. What if they? Didn’t wish to re-enter soceity? Had an option to learn how to  re-build themselves? Could continue life without any further judgement? Wished to remain anonymous?




Looking over Veenhuizen's embedded history, location and culture. I couldn't help but see how it's a cultural, geographical and psychological prison where anonymity is valued most for the many ex-prisoners. Their dues have been paid, yet they remain onymous within society. Therefore, remaining anonymous is the best compensation possible for them.

Onymous Anonymous Festival is a transformational experience focused on ex-prisoners but is open for the public, especially for those who wish to celebrate their anonymity and learn how to build a new life for themselves - off the grid style.
This festival will also attempt to change one's mind-set towards the ex-prisoner that is re-entering society, through an activity-rich program dealing with the topics of philosophy (lectures / discussions / movie screenings), arts (masks / street art / poetry) and self-sustainability (open design / permaculture / hexayurts)

Why Zebras?


Zebras are a metaphorical symbol for prisoners, for two reasons. Superficially, the zebra has black and white stripes as the old prison uniforms. Functionally speaking, the zebra's stripes can create the illusion of being bigger than you are to the enemy, as a prisoner might need to do from time to time in prison... The reason for 2 zebras is to signify the desired transformation one should experience at this festival, going from 'onymous' (having a name; named) to 'anonymous' (a person not identified by name; of unknown name).

Upon arrival at the festival, the visitor will recieve the festival kit, which includes a black bylon drawstring bag, a zebra head stencil, a small water based spray paint can, a bag of seeds to spread around the community garden and a plastic ashtray.

The Onymous Anonymous app will allow the visitor to fully experience the festival.


Featuring an interactive program with a personal checklist, a map of the festival and a bitcoin wallet to pay with at shops.