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Filmed on location in Iceland and The Netherlands, this short film investigates soft data by following three characters that share a common sensitivity to the invisble. Soft data is qualitative information that is unique, subjective and open to interpretation, which makes it hard to measure and verify.


Part I, “The Elf Garden” with Ragnhildur 'Ragga' Jonsdottir, a medium to supernatural beings.

More than 30% of Icelanders don't deny the possibility that supernatural beings that inhabit the lava rocks across the country's landscape, actually exist. Interaction with them usually happens on construction sites of roads when a certain rock is removed and unexplainable events such as machinery malfunction and extreme weather conditions start occurring. Mediums are then called to negotiate between the humans and the hidden people who are causing havoc.


Part II, “Start Feeling” with Rianne van der Palen, an energetic systems therapist.

In the front, an alternative health store with items ranging from vitamins, to etheric oils and gem stones. In the back, a small clinic for practicing energetic therapy. The system by which Rianne works includes her own gift of controlling her energy, which she has developped over the years by working with all living things, from people to animals and even trees. She let's the energy do the work for her, sometimes even letting a pendellum determine the outcome of a tough question.


Part III, “Your Own Opinion” with Paul Mack and Marc Schetl of 'Floww Health Technology'.

They believe that in this digital world, everyone can live a healthier life with more vitality by using 'Floww' technological health-products, which transform electromagnetic radiation from wireless communication into biological frequencies, which are naturally present in all living things. They claim that determining whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful, cannot be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no', but perhaps the most honest answer is that we simply don't know.

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