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The virtual world is merging with physical reality; while alternatives exist, most choose to blindly use products and services by the all powerful oligopolies (oligarchy + monopoly) who value secrecy, practice surveillance and enforce censorship.

Freedoms are being undermined in the Age of Information and it's limiting leisure; freedom is a necessary condition for experiencing leisure and one may not be pleasured if one isn't free.

Design for Freedom in the Age of Information is a long-term speculative critical design project that is inspired by the 'open-source' and 'hacktivist' movements, which strives to create positive social impact through disruptive products and services.

Tackle conflicts-of-interest through the use of agonism (positive channeling of political conflict) as a data collection method.

Expose vulnerabilities within legally grey areas, as outcomes might not be okay by social norms, or approved by authorities.

Translate research into real-world tools for awareness and protest against corrupt power.

Re-contextualize historical functions, as it challenges meaning and allows for new unexpected questions to rise within people.

Seek for discomfort in the design, as it illustrates the notion that “something is wrong” and needs attention or repair.

Please people through trustworthy systems that value equality, neutrality and decentralization.

Take on the role of the activist and defy the status-quo through disobedient and rebellious design.

A dedicated website is currently under construction and will soon be open to the public. If you think your project follows the DeFAI manifesto and want it featured when the DeFAI archive launches, then please submit it to

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