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When Erez asked if I wanted to film at the Dead Sea, I couldn't say no. We left early to catch the sunrise, it was worth it.

He wanted me to make a piece of video art that would serve as a background for his exhibition in New York about salt.

The piece is close to 8 minutes long and has 4 long shots of the area where Nevi Pana dunks his objects for crystallization.


Bleached is the product of a five-year investigation of the material applications of salt. Motivated by the consequences of mineral extraction in the Dead Sea, with this series Nevi Pana imagines a possible constructive outcome from humanity’s interference with nature. For Bleached, Nevi Pana submerges wooden structures encased in loofah into the Dead Sea—leaving them to crystallize like coral formations. Transforming these minerals into otherworldly, architectural forms, Nevi Pana comments on the convergence of the organic with the ornate.

"It’s an expression which encourages reflection and re-thinking about materials we use as designers, buy as consumers, and neglect as a society"

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